Greetings to the fine citizens of Greenwood. July of 2013 was a good month to live in this great city. The Annexation committee finished their first review of property being considered for future annexation into the city of Greenwood. It was the property northeast of the Greenwood city limits and it was found that it was not feasible to consider annexation of the said property into the city at this time. The committee is now looking at four sections of property north of the city from Main Street to highway 71. I appreciate the committee maintaining its independence in the fact finding process of each and every decision it makes for each parcel of property it reviews.

The Freedomfest was wonderful this year. The weather cooperated for the event and the addition of new vendors was well received by the public. The committee and city workers did a great job to provide a safe place for citizens to celebrate the independence of our country. I was very happy to see that the local band, 10 Spur was worked back into the schedule of entertainment at the last minute. When it came time for them to play, one could see the crowd start to swell and eventually double in size. It was obvious what band was the crowd pleaser. The Mayor’s 3-D fireworks show was a real crowd pleaser this year and could not have been pulled off without the help of Greenwood citizen, Kelly Hendrix. When you see Kelly around town, please give him a big thank you for helping with the fireworks show again this year.

I am excited to announce that Mr. Gary Grimes and I have had several very productive talks and as a result he has agreed to come back and continue his work for the city of Greenwood as our lobbyist with the Governor and Legislator of our state. As many of you know, the last legislative session was very successful and beneficial to the city of Greenwood, thanks to the efforts of Mr. Grimes. He was able to do this at a cost less than what the city was paying for past mayors to commute back and forth to Little Rock, not to mention all of the lost time of the mayor not being in the office daily for the people of Greenwood. It will now be in the hands of the City Council to reinstate the funds required to pay Mr. Grimes to represent Greenwood again.

On July 6th I went down to the pond at Ossie Louis Park to watch the fishing derby put on by the non-profit public charity, ShellShocked Outdoors located right here in Greenwood. It was simply amazing how organized the group was. Kids were catching fish left and right. Jim Newcomb and his entire board of directors were running the event. They also hand several volunteers helping out, including local first responders to make sure the kids were safe. Over 360 people participated in the event. I was told this set a new record for the event. I had promised Mr. Newcomb if he would bring the event back to Greenwood from Fort Smith, the people of this fine city would respond, and they did! Thank you to all who participated in the free event. I am looking forward to the fifth annual Fishing Derby next year.

Our Parks Commission is looking into the addition of a splash pad and some type of agreement for the pool to be used by the public out at Vache Grass Country Club. This was investigated years ago, but was dropped for some reason. Our kids need somewhere to go during the hot summer days. I hope the committee appointed by the Parks Commission can come up with a proposed solution to this long nagging issue.

Well, summer is almost over and school is about to start. Remember to pray for our students and especially pray for the educators that will be instructing them this next school year. God Bless Greenwood.