For the mothers of the players in the photo of this spectacular Jenny Lind baseball team…from left to right. Coach Cephas Peters, Forrest, Larry, Johnnie, Peatie, James, Jerry, Joe Dan, Michael, Roger H., Wesley, Roger P., De De, Donnie and Jerry Don, who owned automatic washers and dryers back then…I can only imagine how convenient it must have been for them, after every ball game for them to make sure their son’s brand new baseball uniform would be sparkly clean and ready for the next game, but for me, proud mother of the handsome young player posing in front of Coach Cephas, it was a different story. You see…I didn’t own an automatic washer and dryer. I was contemplating purchasing both, but making a trip every week to Poole’s Help-Yourself Laundry in Greenwood.

Although, proud as I could be of Michael’s determination to be one of the best players on the team, I really think he thought to earn this title, he must leave the ball field after every game wearing the dirtiest uniform. He was big on "sliding."

I tried not to complain too much. Back then, as a proud mother, I liked seeing him "sliding" from 1st to 2nd to 3rd and I’d cheer him on to home base…just as long as this JL spectacular baseball team had won another game.

Thank goodness, since I have always liked old things, I had the forethought to hold onto my old washboard, my No. 2 zinc wash tub, and scrub brush. That was how I kept my son’s uniform and him looking like he just came out of a band box, ready to play another winning game, while looking good, making Coach Cephas and me proud.