My wife and I were out on a fishing trip to one of our favorite spots, good ole Lee Creek. We had been fishing all day and were headed back in when I heard, "Hey honey. I think I got one and it is big", hollered Peggy. "I am kind of busy over here," I replied without giving her a glance. I was in the middle of undoing a massive backlash on my fancy, very expensive, bait cast reel, I just about had it licked too!

"Jim, I am serious! This thing is going to break my line!" she shouted.

I looked up and boy was I surprised. "Whoa! Let it take line if it wants to and don’t let it get in that brush!" Good advice from such an experienced fisherman, I thought. She had come a long way since we started to fish Lee Creek. She had started to learn how to read the points and ledges.

My eyes bulged out when I saw what was going on. My wife’s rod was really bent over like a horse shoe. She reeled and the drag buzzed like crazy. I rushed to her end of the boat, watching her fight whatever was on her hook. We were fishing with spinner baits, and having very good luck that day. We were excited to see what it was. Wham, it jumped out of the water and you could see she had a heavy hog Bass on the end of that line. "Keep tensions on the line, I hollered, don’t give it any slack.

She was super excited and confident, without my help I might add. Confidence was all over her face. "It’s coming this way!" "Keep reeling and keep tension on the line", I said. "You’ve turned it. Keep it coming in", I coached. Really though, I just watched, smiled and enjoyed watching her catch that fish. I hope you really don’t believe that because the truth is I couldn’t sit still. I just knew Peg needed my help to land that monster Bass. I told her I had much more experience with these monster bass and she should turn the rod over to me so I could land that fish for her. She replied that, "she was doing just fine", (yet, another time I should have listened to her). I told her that I would land that baby for her and she could still get all the credit. As I grabbed the pole from her I stated, "Get the net and let’s put this monster in the boat". But I had made one fatal mistake, no, come to think of it I made two mistakes. The first one was I should have known what would happen by grasping that pole. By taking the rod from Peggy, I created slack in the line, just enough for that bass to pull a classic defensive maneuver. That bass dove under a rock and shot straight up, cutting the fishing line that was the only thing standing in the way of its freedom. The tension was immediately gone from the fishing pole. The line from the reel blew gently in the wind. I had a huge knot in my stomach and could only think of one thing, "I was dead meat". I slowly turned around to face Peg, with the sweetest smile on my face. She wasn’t smiling rather staring a hole right through my head. She simply said to me, "You lost my fish". I said, "It went under the rock and….." She just replied with much more emphasis in her voice, "You lost my fish"! Needless to say the ride home was a quiet one. I blew it and I knew it. I was going to be eating crow for dinner again!

I knew better than to grab her pole. You see, Peggy has been fishing all her life. Her Dad, Don Wampler, was an awesome fisherman. Her brother Eddie is one of my fishing partners. He is a fishing pro and a walking encyclopedia when it comes to fishing. Peggy grew up around the lakes in Northeastern Oklahoma and started fishing when she was 5.

I have taken Peggy fishing with friends of mine that are Crappie pros, she out fished me to the point of embarrassment. She has gone bass fishing with me and I had to help her carry "Her" fish home. Eddie and I took her striper fishing one day and yes, she out fished both of us. Her dad once told me that he, Peggy and Eddie went fishing one time when she was in high school. They were getting ready to go after those bass when they looked over at Peg and saw her eating Cheetos while reading a book with her line was in the water. By the way, she out fished both of them that day.

I do believe God directed me to Tulsa so I would run into that pug nose girl I love so deeply, and marry her. Little did I know she could out fish me. Peggy and I will be married 28 years next month and I have yet to out fish her. I have caught some monster fish in my time and limited out I don’t know how many times while having a lot of fun. I think the Good Lord led me to Peggy, who could out fish me, so I would stay grounded and humble. If she ever takes up Duck Hunting I am in trouble!