Like many of Greenwood’s residents, I have done my fair share of complaining about Greenwood’s streets. Some are too narrow and many need to be repaved. Last week, I spent three days in Hot Springs and that experience has greatly changed my attitude.

Yes, our streets could be better, but they could be much worse. Hot Springs is an international tourist destination containing theme parks, museums, bathhouses and myriad other attractions including a NATIONAL PARK. You would think a town that depends almost entirely on what other people think would take better care of itself. Not to mention the infusion of federal money to take care of a NATIONAL PARK.

All of the roads are in need of repair. Neighborhoods are falling apart. There is graffiti and trash on every street corner. But, worst of all, the green spaces are poorly cared for and dying.

After three days in the birthplace of Bill Clinton, I was ecstatic to get back to Greenwood. Hot Springs has a lot to offer, but living in Greenwood has spoiled me to the point of expecting excellence everywhere.

I would like to congratulate our Street Department for keeping our streets and roads from deteriorating worse than they have. Our Parks Department and the huge numbers of volunteers in this wonderful city have kept our parks and community spaces looking pristine and alive. Our business centers and neighborhoods are clean and well maintained.

You can tell from just one experienced look that the residents of this little spot in Arkansas take pride in where they live and how it looks.

Now all we need is a theme park to draw in the rest of the world so they can appreciate how amazing Greenwood truly is!