Sometime, your taste buds will play tricks on you and the reason I know…it has happened to me recently and I’ve noticed a change in appetite, but you know what? As I sit here this morning, relaxed and feeling "pretty good," sipping another cup of Dunkin’ Donut coffee that my neighbor brought me, with coaxing words to change brands (without convincing me) although I must admit, it sure "hits the spot" …steaming hot from one of my old pyrex coffee mugs while munching on a third Lil’ Dutch maid almond, wind-mill shaped cookie, purchased from the Dollar General Store, counting my blessings.

Oh, I’ve always known how blessed I am, but sometime a little something will just click in my mind that reminds me and it makes for a better day. I suppose this is one of those days.

In the long weeks I carried the heavy cast on my broken arm, I didn’t master the task of cooking and preparing complete meals of comfort food. I became a snacker, a muncher, a grazer of anything conveniently located on the kitchen counter top that was in boxes or cans easily opened. There it was…something I had not tasted in a very long time…America’ favorite, Armour’s Brand Potted Meat! I discovered I had never lost my taste for it, spread on white bread or saltines…surprised at how good it tasted.

You see, when growing up and before the lunch room located in the Masonic Hall building across the road from the community building, Mama packed five lunches just about every school day for my three brothers, my sister and me. Five sandwiches from one small can. How? By adding boiled eggs and sandwich spread. I like it either way, and keep plenty on hand, buying it in a six-pack.

Some days my taste buds warn me they’ve had enough of America’s favorite Armour Brand Potted Meat, but not to worry, knowing if hungry for a hamburger or a home cooked meal…there’s only one house between my place and the Jenny Lind Country Cafe on 2655 Gate Nine Road here in Jenny Lind…close…walking distance…and I keep a copy of their menu posted by my telephone, I pay close attention to what my taste buds dictate to me on any given day, continue to count my blessings, dial 996-1099 and order an appetizing and delicious carry-out.