The Dept. of Human Services said last week that it is sending out letters to about 4,800 Arkansans notifying them that they will lose their health insurance coverage under the private option Saturday because they were deemed eligible too soon. This was mostly an issue with the federal government paperwork. Some who receive the letters may be eligible. The agency said those people should go to and provide any information needed to complete the verification process. People who receive a termination letter but complete the application process and are found eligible for the private option will receive retroactive coverage and will not experience a gap in services. Some may be eligible for coverage under the federally facilitated insurance marketplace.

On the federal level Veteran Affairs head, Eric Shinseki resigned amid the issues of service to our veterans in VA Hospitals.

Many people ask questions about different government issues. A place to go for answers is This website has links to almost all the agencies that can answer your questions. Also to see what is happening in the Governor’s office and where he will be his appointments, etc, you can use the above website or go directly to the On this site it will also provide links for you to sign up for Morgan Nick and Amber alters, for government news, inclement weather warnings and flag alerts. Another site, , provides a great deal of information not only on the state level but also is a resource for anyone who wants to know where the state, city, town or school gets their money and how it is spent.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation has named former Arkansas football player as its next president. The foundation was created in 1982 and is described as the Game and Fish Commission’s fundraising auxiliary.

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