Greenwood has lost one of its Special Citizens who was only four days short of her one hundred and three birthday. She was a person I had known as long as I can remember. As a little girl I used to go with the late Miss Ellen Squires to visit Era’s Mother on Sunday afternoons. ( Miss Ellen and her sister Miss Belle Murry lived down the hill from the Old Rock School and are the ones who gave me my first bath when I was born.) Most Sunday afternoons for me was going visiting with Miss Ellen. That is why I have known the Stockton so many years. Era Stockton Walker was a person that never seemed to change. I can’t remember ever seeing her when she wasn’t smiling or laughing. She was such a joy to be around. She was alsio a person who lived life to the fullest. While in her nineties she ws going to the Fitness Center every day. How disappointed she was when she could no longer go. She had a brother, the late Clarence “Jude” Stockton, who like Era was a friend to every one. Although he wasn’t as out going as his sister. Jude had a friend, Dick Fitzgerald, both “old bachelors”. I don’t know why people always called someone who wasn’t married an “Old” bachelor or an “Old” Maid. In the early evenings one could see Jude and Dick sitting in a car in front of the Stewart Drug Store or the old Post Office and until late in the evening. It seemed they talked for hours. One day much to the surprise to every one in Greenwood, Dick married a pretty widow. Not too long after Jude married. Maybe while they were sitting talking they were just waiting for the right one to come by. Neither of them married at a young age. I don’t remember Era’s Dad but remember her Mother well. I know she loved flowers which was what Miss Ellen and Mrs. Stockton had in common. She also had the same laugh as Era had. The kind that was contagious. The Stocktons were Good People as were the children and grandchildren. The salt of the earth kind of family. Although I didn’t see Era very often the past few years it was always a treat for me when I would see her and her daughter, Sherry, “Out Shopping”. She always looked like she had just come from the beauty shop. And as the late Kendrick Richardson would say, “as cute as a little mouse’s ear.”