I ran into an old friend last week, Charity, and she told me how she likes reading the column and seeing the names of the people we went to high school with. Charity stated that she was glad that I don’t have any dirt on her and it is true, I don’t, though she was along for the ride when a terrible mistake was made.

Charity was the girlfriend of my friend Nathan Cheek. One day, during my junior year, Nathan calls me and asks me if I want to go to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert in Little Rock. I am late to almost everything in life and certainly to music. Not knowing who Lynyrd Skynyrd was or the fact that most of the band had died tragically when I was three years old, I agreed to go.

It sounds simple enough. Four teenagers: Myself, Nathan, Charity and another friend named Brain Lowe, needed to make a three hour trip to Little Rock and back. As an adult with a functioning automobile I would think nothing of making such a trip. Of course I have a little cash some money in the bank and a phone on me at all times, I had none of this in high school.

So the day before the concert Nathan and I met at Brian’s to swap radiators and a couple of other parts. Nathan and I both had 66 mustangs, neither of which would have made the trip on their own so we had to combine forces. I had four bald tires, no spare and a pretty bad oil leak so we packed a flashlight, an adjustable wrench, a few screwdrivers and a gallon of water. Ya know, just in case.

We made the trip to the capital without any trouble. The concert was interesting with lots of colorful characters that show up for such concerts. Afterward we drove home without incident. The end.

Oh yeah and we left Brian in Little Rock. Oops.

“How could you do such a thing?”, I am sure you are asking. Well, when we entered the venue where the concert was being held Brian saw someone he knew and left. He just left, he was swallowed up by the crowd not to be seen again. We wandered around after the concert looking for him without success and then we left. It was decided that he caught a ride home with his friend that he had abandoned us for and so we took off.

The next day I was informed by Nathan of our terrible mistake. I assumed that Brian’s parents wanted our heads on a stick for leaving him there. Brian’s parents had to go and get him in the middle of the night but did not blame not us for leaving him. So that was a relief though we still felt bad about the whole thing. Cell phones with all of their downsides could have prevented the whole fiasco.