If the Greenwood Democrat had a Society page it might have an article that read: “Sisters honored with Birthday Brunch.” Recently Jane and I was honored with a Birthday Brunch at the home of our dear friend, Dorothy Nixon. For some twentyj-five plus years a group of friends have had what we call the Birthday Girls. When one of the group has a birthday we meet for breakfast, fun, and fellowship bringing only birthday cards. I can tell you there have been some good ones show up. When we first started there were about six of us. We met at Joe’s, which was located where the La Fiesta is now located. Joe’s was the meeting place for the many men’s round table coffee drinkers. As smoking was allowed at that time we just endured it. When Hardee’s came to town we moved our meeting place and was known as the Hardee Girls. Our group began to grow and at one time the number was in the teens. Now our number is five. As Jane’s birthday is in June and mine in July Dorothy just combined them with a lovely Birthday Brunch. The table was set with beautiful china and silver plus red roses as a Center Piece. The food was wonderful, the comraderie was special. There was Betty Kersey, Barbara Stewart, sister Jane, Connie Mcneese, me and our hostess Dorothy. It was really a special time for all of us as we remembered the way it used to be. I couldn’t ask for a nicer birthday celebration. Although it’s not my birthday yet I’m still younger than Betty Kersey, that is until the twenty-second. I have received my Birthday Card from brother Jim. This makes eighteen years we have exchanged the same card. Last year I thought I had lost it. I was frantic. Of all places for it to be was in the drawer where I keep my unmentionables. I really don’t know how it got there as I would have never thought to put it there. It’s my age I guess. I put it back in the same drawer. I hope it will be in the same place next April when I will mail it back to Jim. Mama said I was born on a hot July Saturday morning as the band was practicing at the old Rock School. As we lived just down the hill from the school you could hear the music. So I was born to band music. Not everyone is welcomed into the world with band music. I was a twin, a boy, who died at birth. I have wondered many, many times what my life would have been like had he lived. I don’t mind having another birthday, number eighty-eight, it just means I will be as old as Betty Oliver Kersey, a life long friend who for six months of the year is older than me. I love to rub it in. I’m looking forward to the next birthday get together which will be Dorothy’s. Life is worth living when you have SPECIAL FRIENDS.