I slipped into bed with thoughts of tomorrow…cleaning house. I thought of turning the mattress, washing windows, cleaning the blinds, dusting the furniture and waxing the kitchen floor, but after sleeping on these thoughts, morning comes and I have a different outlook on life.

The quietness of the morning beckons me to come outside. It doesn’t take long for me to realize this beautiful morning is winning the battle with the tyranny of house cleaning as I sit comfortably in the porch swing, enjoying my first cup of coffee.

From the woods in back of my house, I listen to the crows. They call “caw,” “caw” to one another. I spot two more silhouetted against a big patch of blue sky, circling lazily as though going no place special, just enjoying the ideal weather as I am doing while pondering the old adage…when crows fly in pairs, the day will be fair.

I look out over my yard and spot the clematis vine with it’s vines still a bit scraggly absorbing the sunshine. There’s a few early blossoms on the sprouting sage I have planted. The old fashioned Seven Sisters rose bush is still hidden but I know it’s hiding place and it will be showing it’s blossoms to the sparrows flying overhead soon.

One bright male cardinal seems apprehensive as it flutters around the bird feeder, daring another one to come close.

It’s too early for the wild honeysuckle to be blooming, but I can imagine the aroma coming from the scattered vines on the fence row. So sweet, I can almost taste it.

I go inside and pour myself another cup of coffee. I glance down and think to myself…”The kitchen floor doesn’t look that bad.” A few sweeps with a good broom can do wonders. “No waxing today!”

Before returning outside, I sashay into the bedroom, pull the covers up and neatly tuck the bedspread under the pillows.

Carefully, I pull the blinds at just the right angle, blotting out those aggressive, little fuzzy particles fluttering in the sun’s rays, with no place to land, but on the bedroom furniture. Out of sight…out of mind. No dusting today.

With that in mind, I stoop down and straighten the fringe on the bathroom throw rug, crease the hanging towels, tenderly blow the dust from a shelf of whatnots and pride myself in making major improvements in such a short time!

Emptying the coffee maker of the last cup of coffee, I return to the porch swing, fluff up the feather-filled pillow that’s covered with faded cretonne, but just right for country comfort and I relax!

For me, it’s a good feeling, knowing for sure, if I don’t get everything done today…there’s always tomorrow.