Last week was Bible School week at First Methodist in Fort Smith. I enrolled my six year old GREAT. I took her last year and she attended three of the five days. She assured me she wanted to go this year. She went three days. I don’t know why she just goes three days when she appears to have such a good time. Taking her brought back memories of going to Bible School as I was growing up. Bible School was very important to the children of Greenwood. Each church held their Bible Schools at different times in order that children from the other churches could attend. At the Methodist Church I can just see Mrs. Bessie Ware, who always seemed to be in charge, Mrs Cora Hile, Mrs. Grace McConnell, Mrs. Emily Cowne and of course “Miss Reba”. (Reba Dawson) They have all been gone a long, long time but in my mind I can still see them getting ready for the daily activities. I am sure they never knew how much influence they had on the children they taught. When Bob and Connie were growing up I always helped with Bible School. I enjoyed it so much. I hope somewhere there is someone with happy memories of my years in helping in Bible School.

I loved going to the Bible School at the Presbyterian Church. The pastor was a young preacher (good looking) who was attending The College of the Ozarks—-NOT the University of the Ozarks at that time. He would come to Greenwood each weekend to preach. Sister Maxine was going to the C of O so she rode home with him each weekend. My Daddy didn’t think too highly of him as he wore shorts. At that time men didn’t wear shorts out in public. He was a tennis player so during Bible School he would take the older ones up to the tennis court at the old rock school so we could try to play tennis. As the Presbyterian Church was small our classes were held under the shade of the big trees at the back of the church. I believe the Baptist Church Bible School lasted two whole weeks. It also was the biggest of Bible Schools with the best refreshments, too. By each church having their Bible School at different times we were busy most of the summer. Bob and Connie loved the Assembly of God Bible School. Bob loved the late Sister Jackson. (Sadie Jackson). He still talks about her. So many happy memories of going to Bible School.