My grandma is gone now, but what memories I have of her. Memories that will stay in my mind forever.

My grandma always wore an apron.

I remember, she wore aprons with long belts tied in the back. I remember the big pockets and what she kept in them. There was always a handkerchief with a small amount of change tied in the corner, and it was mine…just for the asking. I was never turned down when in need of an Eskimo Pie or a sweet Hershey Bar.

My grandma’s apron was a versatile garment. She used it for many purposes. It was.. what you might call…a multi-faceted garment, sometimes she wore a bright and colorful one and sometimes her apron would be worn and faded…never without a big pocket!

I’m sure the main purpose for her apron was to protect her clothing, but I even remember seeing her dry her hands, and sometimes she would come from her garden, using her apron as a vegetable basket. I remember seeing her carrying in wood kindling.

Funny how you can remember insignificant things that happened when you were a child. I can just see my grandma using her apron as a fly shooer! And I’ll never forget the big pockets, but you want to know the most vivid memory I have of my grandma’s apron? I remember the softness of it when it was used…as a tear drier!