After reading the recent article in the Greenwood Democrat regarding our local library, I wanted to voice my opinion. My family loves the library in Greenwood and have been patrons there for 20 years. We love the personnel, the books, and the summer reading program….but we would love to see it be updated to reflect the spirit of Greenwood. Greenwood citizens are proud of their school system, as is reflected in the beautiful buildings. They are proud of their sports program, as you can see by the investment of the indoor practice field and other facilities. Statistics show that reading is very closely associated with academic success. If this is true, then isn’t it time for Greenwood to empower their students and future students by giving them access to a library that can foster a lifetime love for reading and an increased chance for success in both school and beyond? I would love for others to send letters to our Greenwood leaders and to the editors of the local papers to encourage the ball to continue rolling to update our existing library or to even build a new one. I am thankful to live in Greenwood and believe we can work together to make it an even better place with a library that Greenwood can be proud of.


Loretta McKenzie