I like reading almanacs. My favorite is the Old Farmers. I have many copies and continue to collect information from them to add to my weekly newspaper column from time to time.

I’ve learned quite a bit holding on to the different ones, along with Almanac Travel Guides and I’ve had fun sharing what I’ve learned from them… made a few folks letting me know and even made a few folks smile, which is a nice thing to look back on.

The Almanac Travel Guide is something you can keep in the glove box, refer to from time to time from the long road or a busy day. You might like looking though to get some helpful advice, enjoy a friendly game, read an amusing anecdote or two or maybe discover an interesting find from a day gone by.

In it you might find some information useful during your travels and around your home, along with a few more smiles to make the year ahead a bit more enjoyable.

Let me give you a fact I recently learned from Susan Peery, managing editor of the Old Farmer’s Almanac concerning the hole drilled in the top left corner of every copy, even though it costs more than $40,000 to drill that hole and it requires extra handling because they can only drill twelve almanacs at a time. She said it’s necessary so people can keep it handy and hang it on a nail.

New York and L.A. residents rarely buy the Farmer’s Almanac said Susan, but in all U.S. suburbs and rural areas and yes, cities…the almanac is a big hit.