What does it mean when you are labeled a caregiver? Especially an Alzheimer’s disease caregiver? Despair? Not understanding anything about the disease, it becomes easy to lose hope. I just wish I’d known more when my mother was diagnosed with dementia maybe I could have gie her better care. As I remember, both Mama and I remained in a state of confusion just about every day, with little help back when she was diagnosed.

There’s so much more offered now for caregivers caring for adults. Topics include suggestions for music activities, exercise, games and reminiscence groups. Also techniques for communicating and talking with confused adults.

Below is a poem composed and published when Mama was in the early stage, which describes my confusion, but I’ve held on to some of the sweetest memories, stories and other poetry I’ve written about her. At this moment I think of her and can just see her… the look o her face…those clear, blue eyes when I’d catch her sticking her finger in the peanut butter jar when she realized she’d been caught. When slipping off to the mailbox to pick up her Social Security check before someone came along and stole it. And…I’ll never figure out where she came up with Accusations of other members of our family, (which never made sense) that I’ll never forget and still puts a smile on my face.