Next Monday we observe a very important day. A day when we pause and remember all who have served our country and have gone on to meet their Great Commander. I just wonder as families are enjoying the day together at cook outs, swimming parties, camping trips or a day on the lake or river, just how many people stop for just a moment to remember why they have these freedoms. How many teach their children the meaning of Memorial Day? When I was young I thought Memorial Day was a day for decorating the graves, on Decoration Day, of all who had died. It was not until I was older that I become to realize it was a day of tribute to those who had served our country. With that in mind it became a much more important day for me. Today, as I drive through the National Cemetery with its row on row of stark white stones each with a small American Flag, I get cold chills. The sight of hundreds of flags flying in the breeze. Flags that have draped the coffin of a veteran. The many stones marked “Unknown”. I think of the parents who went to their graves never knowing what happened to their sons. I think of the white crosses in Flanders Field and other places throughout the world where Americans are buried. “Killed in action”. I am thankful for those who tend these graves. No one who has ever worn the uniform of this country should be forgotten. Soon we will have the opportunity to attend the rodeo parade. It is because of those who have worn the uniform of this country that it is a parade of rodeo fanfare and not a parade of military strength. Frank loved the Red, White and Blue of the American Flag. In his honor I fly one twenty-four seven, a spot light shinning on it at night. I try to keep a small one on his grave at Liberty Cemetery. I will not repeat what he said he would do if he ever saw someone burning the flag. I think there is something very wrong that America has so many homeless veterans. Memorial Day, as we pay homage to those who have died, let us also remember our veterans still living and give “Thanks” to our women and men who are wearing the uniforms of all branches of service. AND EACH OF US PRAY FOR PEACE IN THE WORLD.