The title of Hillary Clinton’s Book “It Takes a Village” is so fitting for a title of a story about Greenwood. It takes a village working together to get anything done. Done in the right way. It takes a village of people with an eye for the future. Something that makes Greenwood what it is today. I am so thankful for a younger generation of caring people. People with a vision and determination to get things done. What a difference the roof on the clock makes. The clock has set in the middle of the square for forty plus years looking just like it was unfinished. It didn’t do a thing for the looks of the square or town,. I wish the late Dr. Art Martin could have lived to see the finished product. It’s beautiful. Dr. Martin loved Greenwood and thanks to him the old clock was saved after the tornado. Greewood is blessed with the beauty of Bell Park, the baskets of flowers on the light post, walking trails throughout town, last but not least the Red, White, and Blue of the Americal flags that greet people as they enter Greenwood. The City Square is a thing of beauty, a GREAT BIG THANKS goes to a caring Mayor, Parks Department with Richard McKinney as its leader, Business owners and just plain citizens who care deeply for their city. Kelly Hendrix for his many years of looking after the flags seeing that there was never a faded or torn one flying. Thanks to those who are keeping them flying while Kelly is unable to do it. A Special Thanks to all who have helped in some way to see that the City is getting the most fitting statue of the Eagle Family to be the center point for the Veterans Memorial Park (as I call it). See what a group of hard working people with a vision can do? It truly does take a village. I only wish I could have done my part. With every project there will be a few Nay-sayers. When the Bell Park Committee was in the planning stage of building the Ed Wilkinson Pavilion there were those who said the City would be paying the bills. It would be shuttered in six months. Again thanks goes to a group of hard working people with a vision the pavilion is one of the most used buildings in town. The view from the building is spectacular. I am sorry I missed the Airing of the Quilts and especially Ms Sue’s Tea Room. Due to a tumble I took in my own bedroom I had to miss it along with all the other interesting things going on at the Historical Park and the Art Show. I especially wanted to see the blacksmisths at work and hear the Mountain Dulcimers play on the porch of the Vineyard Cabin. I just thought of something if sister Jane had not decided to go on vacation with her family I could have had her pushing me around in a wheelchair. Talk about being Queen For A Day. I could have been just that. I’m sure she would not have said “NO” to her older sister. (I can dream can’t I?) Then I think, I don’t even own a wheelchair…oh well! To each of you “You know who you are” I want to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for having the vision to make Greenwood A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE and a city all can be proud of.