Jesus’s six hours on the cross was a unique, once for all time, event. About thirty three years prior, He had been conceived in, and born to a virgin – Mary by name. His is the mystery of Eternal Deity incarnate in space and time. He knew all, yet sincerely questioned, “Who touched my clothes?” He wept at a tomb, distressed at death, then raised His dead friend back to life. He slept during a storm then calmed it with three words. So excuse me if I am less than wholly comprehensive or cognizant about the exact nature of the goings on between Him and His Heavenly Father God on the cross of Calvary. I can speculate, I can imagine, I can opine. I believe He accepts that as it is, and I hope the reader appreciates it. And so it is that …

The comfort of the ministering angels of God is now become a rough wooden cross stained with the blood of the pain-wracked and tortured body of Jesus Christ our Lord. Peter’s confession of Him as the Christ is but memory. What assaults Him now are insults. Attacking Him psychologically are the ugly collective sins of Adam and Cain, David and Paul, you and I. As He suffers, He propitiates the Heavenly Father…His Father. He is in flesh, bearing, wearing, the sins of His earthly heritage and posterity though He owns none of them. He is alone to cope with His will and His faith; and He is fit.

He is champion. It is enough. After receiving sour wine in response to His thirst, he issues forth His final remarks. “It is finished” …Father, into Thy hands, I commend My spirit.” Do you hear it? Can you hear the committing, the will, the faith, as He yields to death, and to Life and Light…and redeems. In all things now, He is like unto His brothers, and not ashamed to call them such. He has learned obedience through suffering and endures death, even the death of the cross. The sons and daughters created in God’s image might now, because they now can, of their free-will, offer themselves to Him - freely, lovingly, knowingly, faithfully. The curtain is rent, the door sprung open. Jesus is our Captain, leading and offering His will freely through faith in order that we by faith through grace might freely come to Him.

And thus all creation now awaits the appearance and redemption to wit of our resurrected bodies. The will of man to love God fully may now freely agree with the sovereign will of God that not any should perish. Written and signed in blood, freely given, God Almighty ordains the dignity of freely-willing to avail of His grace. Mark 5:30, John 19:30, Luke23:46.

“God is love and delights in men. He is not less than this. What more He is we will gladly spend eternity discovering.” God In The Dock – C.S. Lewis