It is hard to believe that it is Easter time. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were putting up our Christmas tree? At least it seems that way. Where, oh, where has the time gone? Spring is popping out all over. It seems to me the last rain we had rained green leaves. There is a very tall tree that I can see in the distance from my back window. One day it was bare the next day it was green. I love to see plants coming up through the soil. One day a hint of green the next day a plant appears. Easter is a Special Time. Just think after Easter you can wear white shoes and white clothes or that was the way it used to be. Now you can wear white all year. In fact you can wear anything you want to wear. When I was growing up Easter meant a new dress and new white shoes that I wore all summer and at the first of school. Oh, how proud I was of my new Easter clothes. In my memory I can see the ladies of the church on Easter Sunday. New hats, white gloves, and shiny black patent leather shoes. My Mother could never afford a new hat and gloves or shiny black patent leather shoes. She saw to it that each of her children had something new even if it was made over hand-me-downs. One year she made me a BEAUTIFUL new dress. It was white dotted swiss with tiny blue dots. She even made me a hat to match. How proud I was of the way

I looked. As I look back now I know I never thanked her for the many sacrifices she made for me. I wonder why I don’t feel I need something new for Easter anymore? Could it be my age? When I was growing up the Bolin kids didn’t know about Easter baskets. In fact I don’t think the Easter Bunny did either. Before going to bed the night the Easter rabbit was to come, we pulled fresh green grass and made our own special nests. The nest were lined up on the piano bench waiting for the Easter Rabbit to bring us those very special candy Easter eggs. The kind made of (I think) pure sugar. There was enough moisture in the grass to cause the eggs to start melting, thus sticking to the grass. What a mess but how good the eggs tasted after you got the grass off. I’m sure I ate a little grass. Today baskets loaded with all sorts of things are brought by the Easter Rabbit. Things that can be bought all year long. Things can’t be as SPECIAL as those pure sugar candy eggs the Easter Rabbit left in the little nest made of fresh green grass. The kind you only saw at Easter time.