It seems as if the colors of blue and green are really going to be the style this year. I can remember the time you wouldn’t even think of putting these two colors together. I don’t know why because there is always the blue sky and the green earth that look beautiful to me. The styles of today nearly blow my mind. The least you wear the more stylish you are. I can remember how I used to watch the Oscars. The stars were beautiful, their gowns so elegant. The men in their tuxedoes. The other night I started to watch the Grammy’s. The way the “so called” were dressed or should I say undressed. I couldn’t stand to watch. I don’t know who looked the worse the women or the men. As a friend of mine once said,”Dru, we were just born too soon.” It seems the more you show off your body the better. In the olden days, as my kids have always called it, when a child had a Birthday Party the guest always wore their Sunday best. If you were lucky enough to own a ribbon to wear in your hair you were really dressed up. A woman wore hats and gloves to church, a man wore a tie even if he was wearing overalls. PRIDE?? It is amazing what people wear in public today. You can go to the grocery store in your PJ’S and houseshoes and no one pays attention except people like me. I come home disgusted for the lack of pride of some people. I was really shocked the time I saw a school teacher wearing shorts to work. I can remember the late C.B. Smith, the school superintendent, sending some girls home because they had worn jodhpurs to school. I don’t know where they got their jodhpurs because I don’t think any of them had been out riding horses. I think they must have preceeded slacks. Now anything goes. I used to say I would never wear slacks to church. I know that one should never say never because now that I am bent from Osteo when I wear a skirt it is longer in the front than in the back. Of course the style today a a skirt is short in front long in back. I guess I could start a new style. I now wear slacks to church or where ever I go. Yes! I had always said, “I would never wear slacks to church.” Again never say never.