It’s pleasure mixed with a bit of worry sometime writing a weekly column, but so far, I’ve managed without too many slip-ups, but I do find myself worrying sometime with the serious thought of…”What in the world can I write about this week?” And too…sometime the deadline sometimes creeps up on me. At my age I might forget to change my perpetual calendar while forgetting what day it is, and forgetting to mail my manuscript, and not meeting the deadline, but “you know what,” When something like this happens…out of the blue… I’ll hear something or read something…a mixture of this and that, hoping it might be an interesting read for others. Since I don’t own a computer or have access to the internet, it’s my favorite way of gleaning information for my column.

Source for my column is a little different this week, and I hope my interests run along the same line as yours.

Reading from a copy of Arkansas Food And Farm magazine I picked up while shopping for groceries, I ran across the picture of the pretty hen that lays the pretty eggs. There wasn’t much information, but I did learn the name of the pretty hens… (ARAUCANAS). Some lay the blue-green eggs and others lay the different shades of rust an orange. A few days after reading about the ARAUCANAS hens, my friend Kay brought me a dozen of the blue-green eggs. A lady she works with has a flock of the hens.

Having the instinct as a keeper of things, at first it was hard for me to even show them while they decorated my kitchen table exposed in the gray paper-mache egg carton, and the promise of another dozen, my son and I enjoyed a bacon egg & cheese biscuit several mornings for breakfast.

Int he meantime, I’m going to try not to worry too much about my column next week. I’ll think of something, or I’ll hear something worth repeating…I hope.