Chicken soup can ease a cold. Aspirin can relieve aches and pains… well-known remedies for the nagging symptoms, but what about Jello to treat your brittle nails or ice cream to nurse a strained ankle? I just recently heard of these two off-beat remedies.

You can wrap a warm hard boiled egg in a washcloth for about five minutes, apply it to ease the pain of pink eye and help you feel much better…so they say.

Guess we all have our “cures” for those charley horses, don’t we? I’ve tried my share of them. Here’s one I just read about the other day. Tonic water contains quinine, which has been proven to help leg cramps.

“They say it’s helpful to apply vinegar to poison oak or poison ivy.

To always have a sweet-smelling breath - put a sweet taste of mint, finnil, dill or anise in you mouth.

Home remedies…off-beat remedies…whatever. My mama had lots of them stored up in her mind. Kerosene was Mama’s favorite healing agent, although I never heard her refer to it as such. (It was coal oil.) And, I’ll never forget the odor of that foul-smelling KAOLA!

Although Jenny Lind had a Company Doctor when the coal mines were in operation, (Dr. Scott I remember) Mama didn’t take us to see him often. She usually applied her own remedies. Mama was like having a doctor-on-call, especially when it came time to doctor wasp/bee stings. A little pinch of tobacco…or snuff applied to the painful area was all that was needed.

Like Mama, even the well-known newspaper columnist Dr. Gott has a few home remedies up his sleeve, or maybe his remedies would be classed as off-beat.