Well it is happening, I am getting old. What my son has been telling me for years has occurred. I know this because while playing games with some friends Sunday night I had to borrow reading glasses. This was the second time. The first was Saturday at the grocery store. I was trying to read a nutrition label (another warning sign) and found that my arms were not long enough to bring the words into focus. I walked to the pharmacy, looked around to make sure no one was looking and picked up a pair of glasses. The clarity of the words was great!

However I didn’t buy them because I convinced myself that I was just tired and that I just needed a nap (another warning sign).

I have always prided myself on having 20/20 vision and I guess I should be thankful that it took this long to reach this point. My friend Jason had glasses when we met in the seventh grade. One of my favorite things was watching him put his contacts in because every so often he would put one in inside out and then the fun would begin. Arms flailing and screaming he would try to pull the small rubber disk out of his eye. Jason was a basketball player for GHS and one of his least favorite activities was running so every now and again, while running at practice, he would announce that he had dropped a contact so that he and the entire team had to stop and look for it. Little did they know he had not worn them that day. Jason had another unique ability; he could make his nose bleed on command whenever he wanted to without touching his nose. I have seen him do it and it is amazing. This was handy for getting out of practice as well.

So I guess it is time to buy a pair of glasses. I can’t wear contacts, I can’t touch my eyeball. Gross.