The greatest gift…Life…and God being the author of all life, gives reason for me to know, and accept the fact that it is not purely Accidental, even though I sometimes encounter theories from some who insist God had nothing to do with it.

I express praise every day for my life… for my earthly existence, and as I get older, I try “with all my might” to live my life with optimism, while ignoring my ignorance and pain to some degree, doing and accomplishing things that at one time, I thought was impossible.

Sometimes there’s a well-spring of determination in me. If tapped, I might feel a bit invincible…not trying to impress, but to prove to myself that I can do it.

As a child, I was shy and insecure. I knew no difference, and poverty “held me back.”

Wisdom comes with age…a proven fact, and my intensions are to look more closely at how God invested his handiwork; not only with existence, but also design and purpose, strengthening my determination to do the things that are expected of me and this is all made easier for me by appreciating this world to live my life with all it’s beauty instead of a drab and colorless place.

Sometimes in my pondering, I compare this place I live my life to a giant canvas that God has splashed with beautiful and radiant colors, brightening the fields with breath-taking bouquets and I reveal in the beauty and the glory of it all. This is my way of thinking while wishing all of you a happy and peaceful New Year.