I have a lot of plants that spend the summer months on the patio. Many large plants that I have had for years. In the winter I bring them into the garage. I have two large windows in the garage so this made a perfect place for them year after year. Since Bob has moved in with me and still has things stored in the garage I decided I needed a little green house to put my plants in for the winter. I now have a little “Green House” (it is really green) thanks to brother Jim who put it together. It is as cute as it can be 6X6 in size. I even have a small milk house heater to put in it when the temperature gets below freezing. Poor Brother Jim worked three days putting it together. He made me promise not to ever buy another. I laughed when he said he couldn’t understand anyone selling something like that to an old woman. He, also,said it was made in China with Chinese instructions. I told him had I had a play house like it when I was little I would have thought I was rich. He said, “You would have been rich”.

Since it is still like summer I haven’t moved any of my plants yet. Today is the first day of November, the leaves are still green although my patio is covered in yellow leaves from the sweetgum trees. I think the minute they turn yellow they fall. My summer flowers are still blooming. It is hard to believe that it will soon be Thanksgiving and it is still summer in Arkansas. I’ll bet when it does turn cold it will really be cold. Many people don’t believe in Climate Change. I know for a fact that it has changed in the past 80 plus years. I remember when it turned cold the first of November and stayed cold the rest of the winter. There was no being cold one day, warm the next. Around Thanksgiving time was “hog killing” times. Mama always let me leave home on hog killing day because the smell made me sick. My siblings have always said I had an excuse for getting out of work. I can assure you I would be home for supper. Fresh tender loin, hot biscuits and gravy.

I really miss the late Mrs. Belle Bradley who lived in the Burnville Community. She could cure the best ham I have ever tasted. We used to pick her up on Sunday night to go to church in Greenwood. After church she insisted on feeding us. She would apologize that she fed us hot biscuits and home sugar cured ham. She just didn’t know how happy we were to get to eat such luxurious food. “Happy Memories.”

I know that soon one evening on the six o’clock news Garret Lewis is going to say, “We are going to get a frost tonight” and I will get to see if my little Green House works. One thing I know for sure I couldn’t do without my brother Jim and my sister Jane. I am so happy that I was not an only child.

UPDATE: Since writing this column it has turned colder and my plants are safely “tucked in” their little Green House.