Pets make the world a nicer place - they reduce stress, they can improve recovery rates after an illness, and of course, offer companionship.

Cats provide important benefits to so many. I didn’t realize this until a year ago after adopting my next door neighbor’s handsome Tom, although he had been hanging around for so long…he seemed just like one-of-the-family. Since I was used to him being around, I found it only fitting that he spend the rest of his life here. He’s smart. He’s handsome. His name is Tom Kitty, but I call him Thomas. It just seems more “fitting” and evidently he’s pleased with the name. He always pops up before I get the words out of my mouth…”It’s Time for Friskies, Thomas!”

Below is a list of reasons for loving your cat. Thomas is an outside cat so I can’t vouch for all of them, but no doubt there are some cat lovers who can.

1. Purr you to sleep

2. Take cat naps with you.

3. Warm your feet on a cold winters night.

5. Perform tricks for you.

6. Read the Sunday comics with you.

7. Wait up for you.

8. Get you up in the morning.

9. Keep you company.

10. Are true blue.

My daddy didn’t like cats. When growing up he never allowed us to have one, but in his golden years, he took much pleasure in babysitting his neighbor’s cat when she visited in Mt. Ida, Arkansas with family and friends and sometimes for two or three weeks, Daddy never complained. He would worry if (Old Tom) was late “getting in” at night and made special trips to the store to purchase cat snacks and hold him on his lap, pet and stroke and talk to him.

Like Daddy…since I’ve adopted Thomas, I find it true that a cat whether a bundle of fluff or a model of poise can warm your heart. They provide important benefits for many, and make such good companions, especially for the elderly, and I’ve learned they are good for the owner’s peace of mind. And, since I’ve adopted Thomas I feel qualified to add one more reason for loving your cat… they can lift your spirits.