I woke up this morning laughing to myself. In fact I chuckled out loud. My first thought on awaking was about mine and sister Jane’s trip to Mt. Magazine. I wish you could have seen us going down all the rock steps to one of the observation sites. Talk about the blind leading the blind. I was holding on to her hand and she was holding on to mine. There are a lot of steps to get there, then there is what seems like more coming up. We carefully took one step at a time. Once we got there the scenery was beautiful. If you had been behind us with a video camera you could have won the prize on the Funnest Home Videos. I can just imagine what we looked like from behind. Two white hair women holding hands going down the steps slowly and carefully.

It was such a beautiful day and Jane called and said she would like to go to Mt. Magazine and I said, “Me too.” Jane and J.M. lived at Paris once upon a time. I think going up the mountain was one of their favorite places to go. There wasn’t much color on top of the mountain. From the observation site, with the long flight of steps, we saw some color in the valley. As we got to the Lodge about noon we decided to eat at the restaurant where we had the buffet. The food was excellent. There was even fried green tomatoes which I love. The only problem I ate too much.

The moon the last few nights has been spectacular. It is the brightest moon in sixty-nine years. The phenomenon known as the super moon will reach it’s most luminescent in North America before dawn November twenty-first. The moon will be at it’s brightest because it is coming closer to earth than any time since January 1948. It won’t be as big and bright again for another eighteen years. Speaking of the moon the old saying is, “If it doesn’t frost in October it will frost when the moon is full in November.” Sunday morning the

13th there was a light frost. The roof tops of the house across the street and the one behind me were white. The frost fast disappeared with the rising of the sun. I think there is a lot of truth in “Old sayings”.

I don’t know what kind of winter we will have because I haven’t seen the hair on cattles back nor seen an opened persimmon seed. I hope when winter comes it stays until spring. I don’t like cold weather one day and warm the next.

I was afraid after my going up and down so many steps at Mt. Magazine I would need a wrecker getting out of bed the next morning. Instead I hopped out of bed like a spring chicken!