I think my Mom should be named "2013 Mother of the Year" because of her willingness to embrace new experiences no matter what her age-I call it "Gumption."

She is 97 and lives at Golden Years in Greenwood.

She was born in Greenwood and has lived life through the horse and buggy days, the model A and model T era, space flights and now the technology age.

In her almost 100 years of life, she has experienced the invention of bubble gum, yo-yos, zippers, scotch tape, band-aids, penicillin, traffic signals, etc.

Mom has raised 7 children, and baby-sat numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She has a great sense of humor and often compares the raising of their children to being "pecked to death by a chicken!" We know she loves us! She is Granny Clark to all. One of her greatest heartaches was losing her beloved grandson, Justin Crites.

Much of her life she has been a hard life but she stepped up to the plate and got things done. She never shied away from anything. She taught herself to drive a Model A while Daddy worked in the coal mine. Then she caught a ride to Ft. Smith with a neighbor and got her driver’s license before Daddy even knew she could drive.

Mom has never felt her age and even now asks for a cell phone and computer. Her impaired sight is the only reason she doesn’t have them. She has been dazzled by their novelty and wonder. Remember, she was born before we had telephones.

She has always impressed us with her willingness to tackle everything new in life and her ability to just take change in stride. Yes, my mom has "Gumption."