My ‘Mommy’ didn’t give birth to me but she has been more of a mommy than the woman who did. I was born a drug baby and so my father got custody of me at 6 months old. He did the best he could I guess but he is Bi-Polar, has depression and a heart problem. He would spend days in his room or would leave me alone at home and I had to learn to fend for myself. One day when I was ten my father and I moved to Dallas and there I met Tammy. My father and I eventually moved into Tammy’s house and she became my rock. Tammy didn’t like my father but she let him move in because of me. After a few months the school I was going to called CPS on my father, and I kept telling everyone I wanted to live with Tammy full time, without my father. Finally the lady at CPS had my father arrested for violating his probation in East Texas and I needed somewhere to live. When the CPS called Tammy she didn’t even hesitate she said I could live with her, and then she started the process to make it permanent. I didn’t really have any family members that was willing to let me live with them without the state paying them, Tammy didn’t care about the money, all she cared about was me. So now 4 1/2 years later I have the best mommy ever. She makes sure that I have all the love and attention I could ever want or need and she makes sure I know right from wrong. She loves me just as I am and doesn’t care about my disabilities. My mommy is the most awesome mommy in the world.