The students in the STAR Academy, from the Hackett School District, were invited to the state Capitol on February 20, 2014 to receive an award and meet with Governor Beebe. Three students attended, Jasymne Neal, Kristina Russell and Dalton Short, along with Mrs. Donna Swift, ALE Program Director, and Mrs. Betty Kirkendall, instructor. Mr. William Pittman, Hackett Superintendent, also accompanied the students to the Capitol.

The Hackett School District was one of two middle school programs and only one of 16 programs state wide which was recognized for outstanding achievement in an ALE program. The STAR Academy has been responsible for many projects, among those the reclamation of an outdoor classroom. The STAR Academy students have also had tremendous successes in their academic achievements. The students attending received medals, a plaque, and were greeted by the governor. The students were recognized for their program and given tours of the Capitol. Lunch was also provided for all the students who were invited to attend. Mr. William Pittman accepted the award, along with the students, on behalf of the Hackett School District. Congratulations to the Hackett School District ALE program.