My mother-in-law, Shannon Rowe, should be the mother of the year and she is, to me. My husband and I opened our chiropractic clinic in Greenwood in March of 2012 and that following July,Whirlpool closed down in Fort Smith and after working there for thirty years Shannon didn’t "retire." The very next day she was at our clinic helping us. Shannon helps my husband and I with our children as well as many other tasks with our clinic. We have a daughter in school in Greenwood and Granny (that’s Shannon’s real name) picks her up on the days we work. Granny also helps us all day at work with our son, a rambunctious toddler. We have a very close and small family. We chose to keep our little boy with us all day at work at the clinic. Granny helps make this possible every day by selflessly giving up her free time and herself to come and be with us and help us in whatever way we need her.

Granny is a wonderful grandmother. She adores her grandchildren, my children, and they adore her in return. She is very kind and caring. Shannon did a wonderful job raising her son, my husband. He is an incredible man and that fact has everything to do the raising Granny gave him. I owe this woman all of the happiness that I experience every day. If she had not given me him, we wouldn’t have them. I am very grateful and undeserving of this amazing love and family that granny has help give me. Thanks Shannon. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for loving my children. Thank you for making such a wonderful son. With all my heart, thank you.