My choice for "Mother of the Year" is my wife, Peggy Newcomb. Not only is she the most loving and understanding mother I know, she is also very attentive and caring to our children. I have watched her raise our 3 kids and know am watching her love and guide our 4 grandchildren. Our children had their ups and downs as they grew up. No matter what they were going through - be it sporting events, church activities or getting themselves in a mess, they could always count on their mother being by their side. She praised them when they needed praising and scolded them when they needed scolding. She set a Godly example for our kids to live by, teaching them the golden rule, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Peggy attended just about every one of our kids sporting events, home or away. She always said the kids needed to know that their mother loved and supported them. I would not want anyone else to raise my kids. Peggy not only mothered her own kids to perfection, she has a first grade class each year that she protects and prepares for the completion of first grade and more. She continues to mother 20-25 first graders each and every year. Where ever we go in this town kids of all ages come up to Peggy and give her a hug and thank her for being such a caring teacher.