The Greenwood City Council on Monday approved allocating $10,000 for costs related to annexation of the Shadow Lake community and seven other areas.

"This resolution is for transferring $10,000 from the general fund into the planning and building department for the purposes of annexation," Planning Director Sonny Bell said Monday.

Although the City Council approved of the funding, City Attorney Mike Hamby said the move does not obligate Greenwood to proceed with annexation.

"You can budget these costs, but just because they’re budgeted doesn’t mean you have to spend them," he said.

McKinney told council members they need to pass an ordinance by late August if they wish to see the annexation make it onto the November election ballot. Annexation would be voted upon by both Greenwood residents and those who live in the targeted areas.

"The 26th of August, that’s the no-later-than-date the council has to have passed an ordinance if it wants to go ahead with the annexation election this year," McKinney said. "Between now and then, you need to have three readings of that ordinance. That could be at your regular council meetings or you could do special meetings as you wish."

Doug Kinslow, Greenwood’s Parks Director, presented an ordinance waiving competitive bidding on a sidewalk project at Bell Park. The project was put out for bid, but there were no bids. A $50,000 grant was recently awarded to build a sidewalk connecting a park to a nearby community.

The plan is to build a sidewalk from Bell Park down to Main Street and then over to Spruce Street and the Meadowbrook community. The successful completion of this project will allow Greenwood to be eligible for two additional $50,000 grants of a similar nature in the next two years. The City Council members in attendance unanimously approved the ordinance.

An additional ordinance added to the agenda by Rod Powell was for setting a pay scale and list of "job expectations" for the Mayor of Greenwood. This ordinance is not set to begin until 2015. The ordinance breaks down the pay into categories based on education level and experience. A mayor without a high school education and no experience would start at $16,000 per year with a salary cap of $18,000. A high school graduate with no experience as mayor would start at $18,000 and go to $22,000. The highest level of pay is described as follows, "The salary range for a college graduate who holds at least two college degrees, one of which is Doctoral and has at least four years public administrative experience as a mayor, city manager, city administrator shall be $44,000.00 per year and shall not exceed $48,000.00 per year."

These pay ranges are designed "…to ensure that candidates of the highest possible qualifications are inclined to seek the position…" Additionally, expectations, such as attendance at commission and committee meetings will be included at a subsequent reading of the ordinance.

"I have no problem with this," Mike Hamby, the City Attorney said. "I will check with the Municipal League to be sure and get back with you next month." The ordinance passed its first reading with a unanimous vote of the councilmen present. Tim Terry and Doctor Lee Johnson were absent.

The State of the City address, written by Mayor Pro Tem Jimmy Gossett, was delivered by Mike Hamby. Please check our website for this address.