In it’s development stage, Hackett Historical Society is forming a museum at their meeting place at 206 Williams Street at Hackett.

The main theme of the museum will be coal mining, railroads and farm and ranch activities in lower Sebastian county.

Hackett City, as the town was known in it’s early days was a boom town many times it’s population of today. Coal was found here, which was used for home and factory heating, industrial uses and fuel for steam locomotives from the early 1800’s

The Hackett Historical Society is inviting new members to join the Society and they are needing additional items for display. Items including historical pictures, human interest stories, old letters about the area and it’s residents, equipment including almost anything of interest would be accepted, including large items to be displayed outside.

Items can be gifted to the Historical Society or put on loan, so that many others could share your treasures. You could reclaim your items on loan anytime you choose.

For more information, contact: Trini Harper at 479-806-1521; Rhonda Foley at 479-883-1789; Jack Fulgham at 479-719-6971; Paul Irvin at 479-638-8447