Why I believe my wife LouAnna should be mother of the year is very difficult to do in just a few hundred words. She is a wonderful person and an outstanding mother to our two boys ages seven and three. A little over seven months ago she was diagnosed with cancer, as the mother that she is she sat our boys down and explained everything that was going on, and what would be happening soon. With tears in my eyes I sat there listening, not being able to say much of anything. She answered every question they had in a way they would understand as well as letting them know that this is God’s will and we all had to just go with it.

Since then she has had to undergo major surgery and six months of chemo-therapy, the entire time she never slowed down. Our eldest son is active in Cub Scouts and Basketball; she has never once missed a game, and has only missed very few scout meetings. She serves on our Cub Scouts committee and keeps the pack very active, she has never once complained about her situation or how bad she felt, as well as always reminding our boys "You have to get up and do what needs to be done, and then it’s time for fun." LouAnna sets a high example of hard work, loyalty, and keeping your promises for our children; they see that no matter how you feel someone else may feel a lot worse. My wife spends her evenings helping with homework and reading books or playing games with the boys, as well as helping me with bookwork for our small business we run; all of this after her after her usual ten hour work day at her regular job.

To tell you more about her, giving to the Church, community, school, work and most importantly her family, it would take an entire novel to get started. Even if she is not chosen as "Mother of the Year" in your contest, she IS and always WILL be mother and wife of the year to me.