The science department at Greenwood High School recently awarded the CB Smith Science scholarship of $500 to senior, Ben Keisling. The selection is based on the student’s academic achievement in honors science courses. The scholarship is awarded in memory of CB Smith who served as superintendant of Greenwood Public Schools from 1924-1951.

Ben is the son of Thale and Beth Keisling. He will graduate with an Honors Diploma and plans on attending Arkansas Tech University and has been selected to the Honors College to major in Electrical Engineering. Keisling is currently ranked second in his senior class, he is very active in the community, and has been selected as a Governor’s Distinguished Scholar.

"Ben has an academic curiosity and a thirst for knowledge that is both rare in a high school student and infectious to the other students in class." stated Allen McDonald, Science Department Chair. Keisling has taken seven science classes while at Greenwood high school.