If you goggle Prader-Willi Syndrome, you will learn that it is a rare genetic disorder-affecting 1 in every 12,000-15,000 births. Most notable effects are delays in speech and motor skills, body stature, and an appetite that never feels satisfied.

On the other hand, if you ask anyone at Greenwood Junior High School about Hunter Stanford, you will get a different description…you will here he never met a stranger, that his presence would light up a room, and his smile and hugs would brighten anyone’s day at any given moment.

Everybody knew Hunter. He attended the Greenwood Public Schools since kindergarten. He taught everyone he met more than they taught him. His lessons were about what is REALLY important in life - family, friends, laughter, and yes, of course, good food!

Hunter’s untimely passing on February 1 leaves behind a large loving family and more friends than anyone could hope to have in an entire lifetime. He also leaves emptiness in the lives of people who knew him and cared for him every day: teachers, classroom aids, students, bus drivers and secretaries.

To honor Hunter and a11 the love he gave to everyone, there will be a walk at the High School track on May 4 from 8 am until noon. The cost is $5, although any amount will be gladly accepted. Part of the money raised will be donated to the Gregory Kistler Treatment Center for Children. The Kistler Center is a non-profit organization that provides therapy services to children in the area regardless of health insurance or the parent’s ability to pay. The other funds will be put into Hunter’s Ho-Ho account (He loved Christmas a11 year long!) to be used for Christmas presents for children of families that need help at Christmas.

There will be 500 keepsake buttons available at the track w1t11 the words "I walked for Hunter." Something as simple as walking one lap around the track, a feat so many of us take for granted on a daily basis, represents the difficulties that so many children with special needs face every day, but who meet these challenges with determination and big hearts.

If you are unable to join us at the walk on May 4, donations can be made at or sent to the Greenwood Junior High School. (Checks can be made payable to Greenwood Junior High.) For more information contact Renee Fuller at 479-414-1370.