Local artists Teri Hicks, Sharla Derry and other members of the Greenwood Art Guild will show and discuss their drawings and paintings of the "good old days" in Greenwood and the recently dedicated mural of the city at the April 21 meeting of the South Sebastian County Historical Society. Pen and ink drawings of historical buildings in Greenwood and the surrounding area by Historical Society member Glenda Wallace that have graced the cover of the Society’s annual publication, "The Key," will also be displayed.

Mrs. Hicks will present a print of her work, "The Centennial," to the Historical Society. The water color and ink painting, done from an historical photo, ­depicts the 1951 Centennial Parade on Main Street and a young Cinda Bell riding in a wagon with her grandfather.

Hicks and Derry­­ are members of the Greenwood Artists Guild. Guild president Martha Efurd recently accepted the Shining Star award from the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce in recognition of the Guild’s contributions to the community. The Greenwood Artist’s Guild is a non-profit organization that promotes the arts and the artist.

The meeting of the Historical Society will convene at 7 pm, Monday, April 21 at the Community Room of Farmer’s Bank, 71 West Center Street. All are welcome to attend.