The following students have received awards in the Hackett School District:

Family and Consumer Sciences Awards

1) Family and Consumer Science, Stacy Spalding

2) Clothing Management, Tristian Anderson

3) Housing and Interior Design and Clothing Management, Ashley Banos

4) Child Development and Parenting, Brittney Locklear

Business Education awards

1) Computerized Business Applications, Kody Taylor

2) Computerized Business Applications, Madison Byrd

3) Computerized Business Applications, Lexi Hardin

4) Computerized Business Applications, Logan McGehee

5) Digital Communications I and Digital Communications II, Taylor Bivins

6) Digital Communications III and Digital Communications IV, Tristian Anderson

Art awards

1) Sierra Pipkins

2) Lily Shipe

3) Ashlynn White

4) Ethan McBride

5) Logan McGehee

6) Colby Hall

7) Hunter McClellan

8) Kelton Black

9) Brittany Post

10) Patrick Nobles

11) Jantzen Terrell

12) Madison Byrd

13) Rikki Ross

14) Taylor Womack

15) Jay Strickland

English awards

1) 7th grade English, Aaron Silva

2) 8th grade English, Cassie Bell

3) 9th grade English, Haley Dunlap

4) 9th grade English, Stacy Spalding

5) 9th grade English, Madison Byrd

6) Creative Writing, Destiny Euston

7) Debate Champion, Brian Clark

8) Debate Champion, Drew Davis

9) Debate Champion, Summer Smith

10) Debate Champion, Madison Byrd

11) English II, Emily Patton

12) English II, Briannah Stiefel

13) Pre AP English II, Mallory Gates

14) Pre AP English II, Patrick Nobles

15) English III, Brittney Locklear

16) English III, Tristian Anderson

17) AP English III, Caprise Beam

18) AP English III, Liz Silva

Spanish awards

1) Spanish I, Taylor Dutton

2) Spanish II, Mallory Gates

3) Spanish III, Ryan Dick

Science awards

1) 7th grade Science, Emily Slavens

2) 7th grade Science, Aaron Silva

3) 7th grade Science, Kaitlyn Medlin

4) Physical Science, Zane Neal

5) Pre AP Physical Science, Taylor Dutton

6) Biology, Briannah Stiefel

7) Pre AP Biology, Patrick Nobles

8) Pre AP Biology, Logan McGehee

9) Chemistry, Caprise Beam

10) Physics, Aaron Holwick

Math awards

1) 7th grade Math, Aaron Silva

2) 8th grade Math, Cassie Bell

3) Algebra I, Matthew Anderson

4) Algebra I, Emily Molina

5) Algebra I, Madison Byrd

6) Algebra I, Hunter Pipkins

7) Bridge to Algebra II, Kaylynn Sisco

8) Geometry, Amy Tan

9) Algebra II, Whitleigh Wilson

10) Algebra II, Taylor Bivins

11) Pre AP Algebra II, Mallory Gates

12) Geometry, Mallory Gates

13) Geometry, Logan Bivins

14) Geometry, Taylor Dutton

15) Pre Calculus, Ashley Banos

16) Pre Calculus, Caprise Beam

17) Pre Calculus, Aaron Holwick

Social Studies awards

1) Arkansas History, Cassie Bell

2) Arkansas History, Madison Bailey

3) 7th grade Social Studies, Emily Slavens

4) 7th grade Social Studies, Aaron Silva

5) Economics, Alex Hartley

6) Economics, Dakota Derr

7) Economics, Taylor Dutton

8) Civics and Government, David Medlin

9) Civics and Government, Madison Byrd

10) U.S. History, Isaac Loveall

11) World History, Brittney Locklear

Star Academy awards

1) Top 7th grade Student, Kallista Beaver

2) Top 8th grade Student, Nikki Russell

Citizenship awards

1) The Citizenship awards are voted on by our teachers and awarded to a junior high boy and girl and a senior high boy and girl that best represent the ideal behavior of our students here at Hackett High School.

Junior High Girl Citizenship Award, Cassie Bell

Junior High Boy Citizenship Award, Aaron Silva

Senior High Girl Citizenship Award, Liz Silva

Senior High Boy Citizenship Award, Ethan McBride