"Anyone with a little land, dedication and information can cut grocery costs with a small family garden," says Linda Wyatt, master gardener.

How much land do you need for a small family garden?

"Not much" says master gardener, Linda Wyatt. "By growing in four-foot squares instead of rows, you can grow your favorite vegetables for four in a garden only ten by ten feet."

"Plus your squares can easily be raised above ground. If you have lots of rocks like I do, it’s easier than all that digging to remove the rocks." Wyatt said.

Wyatt will teach a small family gardening course starting May 3 and meeting six consecutive Saturdays from 9 to 11 a.m. The free course, sponsored by the Greenwood United Methodist Church, will meet in the Harper House yard at the corner of Denver and Main streets.

Each week will cover a different part of gardening, starting with preparing the soil and ending with storing excess vegetables. Other weeks will cover lighting, planning, planting and harvesting.

"That includes lots about gardening, but we’ll only cover what you need in order to grow a successful garden. You’ll also get hands-on practice and opportunities to directly apply the information to your garden," Wyatt said.

Although the course is free, registration is required. "You’ll register May 3 before the first class begins, but I encourage you to pre-register so I’ll know how many to expect," said Wyatt.

You can pre-register by calling Wyatt at 252-0602.