This past year the Travel Channel has been traveling the U.S. hunting monuments to film and tell the story of that monument on their series "Monumental Mysteries".

Upon arriving in Fort Smith, they found the new Bass Reeves monument located on the National Historic Site (Judge Issac C. Parker’s courthouse).

Bass Reeves was an African/American Federal U. S. Deputy Marshal who rode for Judge Parker. Judge Parker and the U.S. Marshals were sent to western Arkansas in the later 1800’s to bring law and order to Indian Territory; modern day Oklahoma.

To make the documentary, the crew filmed Judge Parker’s court house and courtroom on the Historic Site. But they wanted to show Reeves (re-enactor Baridi Nkokheli) in action.

That’s where Cody Faber, former GHS graduate/Fed. Park Ranger/re-enactor, came in. To film Bass Reeves in action, they needed horses, period clothes and guns, a cabin, an outlaw, Bass Reeves, and a country setting. Exactly what Faber had. They all traveled west of Waldron to Faber’s former farm in Bates, Ark. where his horses were. Cameras were set up, horses were saddled, Faber became an outlaw, Bariti became Bass Reeves, and filming began, finishing at dusk with a shootout on the back porch.

"Monumental Mysteries," is set to air on The Travel Channel on Friday evening, June 27th at 8:00 pm.