Girl Scout Troop 4379 led by Rachel Yates and Erlene Prentice of Greenwood recently held a magical tea party with an Alice in Wonderland theme. Mushrooms were handcrafted paper mache from copies of the Greenwood Democrat newspaper. All of the food was provided by Kim McCoy of Delightful Bites.

Donations were collected for Relay For Life as well as the First Baptist Church food pantry.

The tea party was attended by well over 100 girls, mothers and grandmothers from Greenwood, Hartford, Hackett and Mansfield. Dawn Prosifka, the CEO of the Diamond Council, was even in attendance.

Several girls said the tea party was inspirational. It was as meaningful to the girls as it was to their moms and grandmothers. "This was the most epic tea party ever," Emma Begay of Troop 4379 exclaimed.

Several mothers and daughters even stood up and told everyone what they loved about their mom or daughter and what was their favorite.

Prosifka added, "It is all about the girls." The new CEO has some very exciting plans for the future of the Diamond Council. She intends to bring "top tier" experiences to the Girl Scouts in this area that they could not get anywhere else.