My Mother’s Courage

What is courage? Some say that it’s an action undaunted by fear. Webster says that it’s a mental or moral strength to persevere and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. After years of observing my mother’s life, I believe courage can be virtue, confidence… spunk.

The year, 1951. My father, an Army reservist, once again had been called to duty by his country to fight for someone else’s freedom, just as he had seven years earlier in World War II. Again, my other face d the harsh reality of war. Would the man she had loved since childhood come home broken, maimed, or worse? The battle than now lay before her would be fought on tow different fields separated by a vast ocean. She stood at the docks, kissed her love goodbye, and watched as he boarded ship that sailed out of sight, and into an unknown future.

And again, her responsibilities changed. There were field to be lowed, gardens to tend, livestock to be fed, and a baby daughter would depend on her as though it were the mother’s only chore. The absence of her husband was the beginning of her calloused hands, yet the farm would not come to a halt because a man went to war.

Her determination to meet difficult days was like a reappearing shadow; bringing with it courage.

Her heart ached, yet she endured. Each night she placed a candle in the window honoring her husband; for the next couple of hours she prayed and rocked her baby girl.

Was she courageous? I would say yes. There but for the grace of God and the courage that He provided her, I would not have this story to tell.

Thank you for your sacrifice. You’re truly a courageous woman – my role model – my friend.

Happy Mother’s Day