The Charleston Music Fest

By Madeline Kennedy

The Charleston Music Fest fundraiser for Arkansas Children’s Hospital was a HUGE success! The representative from ACH said that community events like this are lucky to raise $5,000, but the Music Fest was hoping to raise twice that much. It took place at the fairgrounds by the Community Center. The Music Fest had lots of good things to eat and cool things to do. They had a food cart, games, face-paint, a booth where you can make your own rope, football toss, basketball toss, golf putting, bounce arounds, a Ga-Ga ball area, a photo booth, a silent auction, a rock wall, the bat mobile, musical performances, and even a Gary Drop!

For those who are not familiar with it, a Gary Drop is something like this - people buy popsicle sticks and write their names on them. Then they spread their popsicle sticks around the landing zone (in this case the baseball field beside the Community Center). Then everyone gathers around the field. You first see a plane flying around above the field. Then you will see a small dot coming out of the airplane. It grows big and rainbow colored. That is Gary’s parachute. He floats down, down, down onto the field. The popsicle stick that he lands the closest to wins some money! That’s a Gary-Drop.

The performers were Aaron Stewart, Jonathan Tedford, Heath Molton, Kendra Curbow and Jimmy Stengel, Wingnut, Southeast Sons, and Nobody’s Darlins’. They all did a fantastic job. The music was awesome.

The Photo Booth was very fun. You got to dress up in wacky and zany accessories and then stand in front of a background while they snapped photos. It was so fun. My pictures were the funniest thing ever!

The food there was delicious. First I got hot chocolate, then a funnel cake, later a cheeseburger with nachos, and then I got another funnel cake! I also got a GIANT pickle from another booth. I ate about half of it and threw the rest away, boy was it SOUR!

One booth had a train. Well, it wasn’t exactly a train. It was a side by side ATV with little train cars chained to the back of it. My cousin and I got V.I.P seats on the train; we got to sit in the back seat of the "engine" in front of the carts. Every time we would go through this little ditch, it would make the train cars kind of pop up and all of the people watching would laugh because it looked like dominoes. It was so funny!

The only bad part was the cold weather, but we made the best of what Mother Nature gave us. Even with the chilly temperature, I’d say that the Charleston Music Fest was AWESOME! I can’t wait until next year. If you didn’t make it to the Music Fest, you really missed out.