With the above normal rainfall we had this spring the weeds and grasses are growing quickly all over town. And the City says homeowners, businesses and landlords are responsible for maintaining grass and weeds on their property. This includes mowing all property to the edge of the street. The City Street Department is responsible for removing silt to maintain drainage flow but the property owners are to keep ditches mowed.

The City is encouraging everyone to help out and avoid tall grass and weeds by mowing regularly to avoid fines and charges if the City has to send a mowing crew to take care of the problem.

Keeping lawns and yards free of tall grass and weeds can prevent mosquitoes, snakes, and rodents from invading property.

The City is saying if you live or own property in the City of Greenwood, to please keep yard, vacant lots and land mowed, as required by the City Ordinance. If the Code Enforcement Officer documents that the grass and weeds on your property are not being maintained, you will receive a warning and will have 10 days to correct the problem. If not corrected after 10 days the property owner will receive a citation and the City will send a mowing crew to clean the property and this can be costly. The estimated charge for this service is $300.00.

Property owners that receive a warning and question whether their property is in violation or have any questions should contact the Greenwood Code Enforcement Officer at 479-996-5329.