Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus is pleased to announce its spring 2013 Chancellor’s List and Honor Roll, which are made up of 532 students.

Students with a 3.5-3.9 grade point average (GPA) are named to the Honor Roll, and those with a 4.0 GPA are given the distinction of being on the Chancellor’s List.

The following Greenwood students made the Honor Roll: Rachel Cooper, Charles Cormack, Charles Gough, Brooklyn Jackson, Crystal Rhoades and Doreen Sims. From Hackett: Cynthia King, Noah Lane, Patricia Lane. From Mansfield: John Jetton.

Making the Chancellor’s List from Greenwood were: Floyd Callahan, Kirby Coggin, Melissa Dorr, Sheila Gilbert, Teresa Leef, Earl Mann, Samara Petchenik, Andy Pool, Heather Tallant and Joshua Wade. From Hackett: Virginia Clem, Terry Gibbs, Randy Jones and Amy Moore. From Mansfield: Donna Bridges and Pamela Thompson.