As of the first of the year Parks Director, Richard McKinney, is retired. Under McKinney the parks system in Greenwood has seen a lot of growth from the renovation of the Clock Tower on Town Square to the extension of the city wide walking trail and many, many, projects in between. McKinney announced his intention to retire in September of 2017.

The Greenwood Parks Commission has since released their pick for McKinney’s replacement in Nathan J. Neighbors.

Nathan graduated from Arkansas Tech with a major in communications with an emphasis on sports management and went to work for the Boys and Girls Club of America. Neighbors spent time in South Korea teaching english before returning home in Hot Spring where he then went to work for the city.

Neighbors has held the position of Recreation Director for the City of Hot Springs since January 2014 and prior to that was the Field Supervisor for their city’s Capital Project Management Department and a Recreation Supervisor. Neighbors is bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience that he has gained working for the Hot Springs. Neighbors stated that he is excited about the direction the Parks Department is heading under the direction of the Parks Commission and is looking forward to working with the numerous committees and volunteers that assist the department as it expands and improves the existing parks, trails and festivals. “The foundation that has already been laid here is amazing,” said Neighbors. “On the outside looking in everything looks solid from an operation and management standpoint. It is not like we are going to have to rebuild, we can actually play offense. Everything that Greenwood has done has put it in a great spot to move forward instead of troubleshooting. I have been really impressed with the city in general”

Neighbors said that he appreciates the investment in quality of life projects that are important to Greenwood. Nathan and his wife Kate have three children Harper, Cooper and Kennedy. Kate is a school teacher and is currently working in Hot Springs, but plans to move to Greenwood as soon as her contract with the school is complete.