Effective immediately, County Judge David Hudson has enforced Sebastian County's Ordinance

No. 88-13 banning outdoor burning of trash, debris, brush and all other materials during this period

when conditions are extremely dry. Lawns, fields and wooded areas are exceptionally dry and the flash

point for outdoor fires is unusually low. Moderate to High winds are also expected over the next few

days which will continue to dry out vegetation as well as spread fire more quickly.

Judge Hudson stated that for the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the County, all

outdoor burning is banned until such time as relief from the hazardous dry weather situation is provided.

Compounding the hazard of low flash point are the factors of built in, self-producing wind from

open fires during this type weather situation which cause extreme difficulties in containing and

controlling outdoor fires as well as the hazard and threat to life for those attempting to control and

extinguish the flames.

Those who violate the restriction will be prosecuted in compliance with the County Ordinance

subject to a fme of not less than $25.00 or more than $300.00.

We solicit and appreciate the support of each individual during this time period and would

request additional caution and good judgment be used by smokers and that smoking material be

extinguished in an ash tray or safe container rather than be discarded along our roads and highways.

We urge all citizens to work together to protect the lives and property, themselves, their families

and neighbors. The burning ban will stay in existence until sufficient rain has reduced the fire hazard.