Greenwood City Firefighter, Colby Graham, has served the community for the last 12 years. Graham started his firefighting career with the Greenwood Rural Fire Department where he served as a Captain and the Training Officer for the Department.

Colby, a 2002 graduate of Lavaca High School, moved to Greenwood in 2005 and was approached by some friends that were on the rural department about joining. Graham then made the move from the rural department to the Greenwood City Fire Department in 2012. “I have always wanted to be a firefighter,” said Graham. “I grew up watching Rescue 911 with William Shatner. I just always wanted to be able to give back to my community and really is a brotherhood. It is family to me”.

Colby has been an electrician full time since 2004. Graham has a seven year old daughter named Harper.