Greenwood Police Chief Will Dawson took over as Chief six years ago. Originally from New Jersey Dawson started his law enforcement career as Military Police for the Marines when he joined in 1994. After leaving the Marines 1998 Will was sponsored by the Jacksonville North Carolina Police Department. Dawson attended the police academy in North Carolina. While in Hackett to visit his in laws at that time he decided to move to the area.

Will then joined the Greenwood Police Department part time while working at Whirlpool. In November of 2000 Dawson filled a full time patrol position, did some time undercover working with the drug task force, was promoted to sergeant, became the K9 Officer, was promoted to Lieutenant before being appointed the interim Police Chief when Chief Keith Jackson left the department and was appointed Chief eight months later.

“I love it here in Greenwood,” said Dawson. “I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. I have had opportunities to go elsewhere but I want my kids to attend Greenwood Schools.”

Will has been married to his wife Jana for 10 years. The Dawsons have three children: Treyton, Likyn and Aysen